Jeff ( Bully ) Arnold

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The Noosa Malibu Club would like to pass on their condolences to Dee & Jodie Arnold on hearing of the passing of Jeff ( Bully ) Arnold. Bully as he is known around the surfing fraternity empowered all aspects of the Tittle ( Legend. )
One of the alltime great Queensland surfers , Bully spent decades surfing our world class point breaks here in Noosa and know one can set a rail trim better than Bully Arnold.
Bully is well respected within the Noosa surfing community & it is a with heavy hearts that we say fairwell to our surfing friend.
fairwell Bully , Rest in Peace.

Club Annual General Meeting 2016

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The club will be holding it’s AGM in the next month or so. All committee positions will become vacant. Nomination forms for positions are on the club website under “Forms”.

This also means the sub committee – Contest Director,Junior Dev Officer,Gear Steward, BBQ Person, Media Person etc. will also become vacant. Items to be discussed at the AGM.

  • Introduction of New Club Constitution (Found here)
  • Introduction of “Code of Conduct” (Found here)

Please read the above Constitution and Code of Conduct as it will need to be voted in. Nominations will be taken from the floor on the night,but must be on the “Nomination Form”

Train with a World Champ

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The club committee has approved training by Josh. It starts this Saturday 13th July at 7.00AM at Access 11. All are welcome. This training will run for the next 6 weeks.

The focus will be;

  • 1. Training to assist those in the Aust Titles, Coast of Origin team and Malibu.
  • 2. All members for skills based training.
  • 3. Contest strategies & tag team strategies.

It is important for all wanting to take advantage of the training to attend on Saturday as Josh and I will break members into groups of 8 indentified by their current ability levels from Beginner to Advanced, Skills wanting to be learned eg, nose riding, turns, trim & flow etc.

This will allow us to advise you of the days and times each week that the most relevant training will be provided for you.

Please e-mail Brad or facebook comment that you are coming so we will be prepared. This will ensure we can target what you want to get out of the training. or Noosa malibu Club Facebook

For those that you know do not have or use e-mail or facebook, can you please let them know and respond on their behalf. All information will be provided on Saturday so please be there on beach with your boards by 7AM

There is NO COST for members and All are welcome.

Junes Club MeEt

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This months club competition at the Groyne saw most of the rounds surfed of the left hand bank in small fat 1-2 foot waves. Here is a fun little clip of the meet, would have been move if the battery didn’t die on us.

Disabled Surfer’s Assoc.

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The skies may have been grey,but a big ray of sunshine shone at the first Groyne Noosa on Saturday.

The Disabled Surfers held their Noosa “Let’s Go Surfing Day “ on not the best of days,with discoloured water,rain and wind chop.

It was smiles all round, the surfers with help from Siena College,Noosa Mal Club,Parents and helpers all enjoying themselves. Because once you are wet you are wet weather it be from the surf or the rain. The sausage sizzle was a big hit at the end of the morning and gave the volunteers a chance to take a break.
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