NMC GalleRies

Club round for June 13

A super fun morning at First Point saw clean sliders rolling in, perfect for nose riding. A great high into a super fast and sucky low created some great action in the second rounds. Keep an eye out for Wally’s kick flip.

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Gavin on the nose at First point

Club Comps 12 -13

A great bunch of shots of friendly and fierce competition from our monthly club comps. Is all fun and games on the beach and around the BBQ but once in the water competition between members can fire up. (more…)

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Libby at the Coast of Origin 2012

Club Rounds 2012 & more

2012 was an eventful year, a successful festival of surfing, club members doing a great job representing in the Coast of Origins, the clubs trophy presentations to wrap up the club rounds for 11-12. (more…)

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Over 65's final

2012 Wrecks and Relics

The weather and the surf was not on our side this year, but what a great turn out for the 2012 Wrecks and Relics. Everyone had fun, and many hands made light work of pulling yet another successful competition.  (more…)

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