The ClubS ComMittee

President – Craig Johnson (Turtle)

What can I say surfing is in our blood. When I came to Noosa I was astounded that no one was using my paddling manoeuvre (The Turtle). I have been turtling for years and now I see world champs like Josh using it and Wally the Barbadian champ copying MY  moves. But that is fine I am happy to share. I believe the Noosa Malibu Club is lucky to have me. So next time you throw in a turtle to get you on that set wave, just give a little COWABUNGA for me!

Vice-PreS – Wally Allan

The Barbadian champ, as mentioned above!

TreASurer – Amanda Pummer

Surf Mum! …while my surfing prowess may be more described as “has potential”, I’ve been getting up at ungodly hours, scouring the world’s best beach breaks with my son Jude all his life.

Having him grow up in Bali and us returning to the Sunshine Coast, we are constantly amazed at how lucky we are to live, surf, breathe in this beautiful coastland.  Thank you to the Noosa Malibu Club for welcoming us to the team, and yes, by the way, I’m the treasurer.

Secretary – Rick Espiner

I first jumped on a surfboard in 1964 at Mount Maunganui in NZ - a 35 pound log my sister had bought for 5 quid – I was hooked and an Atlas Woods ‘light weight’ 9’4″ quickly followed.  The 70′s and 80′s saw me riding 4’11″ twin fins, side slippers, eggs, the 90’s riding old man shortboards and finally Mals in the new millenium at beaches up north from Auckland, the Coromandel and the best of all – Piha on the West Coast.

I worked in Corporate IT for 35 years before bailing and heading to Noosa for warmer climes and better surf.  My wife Donna and I managed The Lookout Noosa Resort for 5 years, which allowed me to walk to First Point for a surf.  During my time in Noosa I have met many warm and friendly Noosa folk (yes, that even includes the crew at First Point) and have surfed absolutely amazing waves on all the Points.  Donna and I are here to stay!

The ClubS Support ComMittee

  • Contest Director – Scotto Ford
  • Youth Development – Scott / Mick
  • Gear Steward – Wade Beckham
  • BBQ Person – Amanda Pummer
  • Media Organiser – vacant
  • Website – Kenny Williams