Annual Four Ways Comp

Back in the day we started with a Two Way contest, then we grew to a Three Way contest and now a Four Way contest. The Four Ways is a competition of clubs, the clubs being  Noosa, Alex Heads, Caloundra and now Pacifique (Bagarra).

It all started with some friendly rivalry between Alex & Noosa way back before some of our junior members were born in the mid 1990’s.

The friendly rivalry soon turned to fierce competition with no one wanting to go home without the trophy, which I am not too sure we even had one.

A few years later the Caloundra club got up and running, got involved and so we now had a three way contest. Around this time one of our club members (Owen Cavanagh), air brushed an old fridge as the competition trophy and now we have a beautiful old fridge that lives at Da Bomb Surf/Gallery shop at Alex.

The fridge is hand painted with the scenes of Noosa, The Bluff & Caloundra on each side. Now we have a forth club, and the trophy is really heavy to carry, especially when filled with beer, we’re not too sure what will happen. Perhaps time for a new trophy or a five sided fridge.

The Trophy Fridge

Groupie Shot

Gordon Fuzz

Bagarra have now come of board from 2011 and so now we have the 4 Way contest, an annual contest of the clubs. Each year the clubs do a turn about and host the day (surf willing) and the fridge is full of beer and drinking starts.