Disabled Surfer’s Assoc.

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The skies may have been grey,but a big ray of sunshine shone at the first Groyne Noosa on Saturday.

The Disabled Surfers held their Noosa “Let’s Go Surfing Day “ on not the best of days,with discoloured water,rain and wind chop.

It was smiles all round, the surfers with help from Siena College,Noosa Mal Club,Parents and helpers all enjoying themselves. Because once you are wet you are wet weather it be from the surf or the rain. The sausage sizzle was a big hit at the end of the morning and gave the volunteers a chance to take a break.

The Noosa Mal Club presented Tim Byrne with a chq for $720 proceeds from a raffle run at their annual Over 50’s contest the “Wrecks & Relics”. If you would like to lend a hand and help with these most rewarding days hop onto The Disabled Surfers web site and find out when the next day is and what you can do to help.Remember it’s smiles all round.